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Build Your Biceps Workout

Build Your Biceps Workout

Located at the front of the arm between the elbow and the shoulder, the biceps are perhaps the muscle most commonly associated with strength. Ask anyone to show you how strong they are and he or she will automatically strike the “strong man’s” pose. Strong and sculpted biceps not only look good, but also have practical uses for daily living skills. Strong biceps help you with any type of pulling movement, such as pulling weeds or raking, and also aid in lifting and carrying movements, such as carrying bags of groceries or assisting a child out of a car seat. 

Featuring dumbbells and a resistance band, you will actually create this workout yourself by mixing and matching the exercises. Your biceps will be challenged with every workout and the variety will keep you from getting bored. 

Build your biceps workout by choosing one exercise from column A, one exercise from column B, and one exercise from column C. Perform each exercise, in order, for 15 reps; rest one minute and repeat this tri-set of exercises one to two more times for a total of two to three sets. 

Here are three sample workout combinations:

  • Zottman Curl—Concentration Curl—Cross Body Curl
  • Drag Curl—Alternating Hammer Curl—Biceps Curl Switches
  • Zottman Curl---Alternating Hammer Curl-Cross Body Curl 

Column A

Column B

Column C

Both Arms | Choose 1

Single Arm | Choose 1

Alternating Arms | Choose 1

Zottman Curl

Concentration Curl

Biceps Curl Switches

Drag Curl

Hammer Curl

Cross-body Curl

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