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How To Feel Confident In The Gym

If you’ve previously shied away from gym because of 'gym jitters', then check out our gym guide to making the gym less scary so that you feel more confident about becoming a regular gym goer.  

Despite the many thousands of gyms, health clubs and fitness centres, many people are still reluctant to join a gym because they feel that it will be an intimidating experience. The reality of gyms though is that the modern gym is a fantastic place in which to get fit, and your local facility will be full of people of all ages and all levels of fitness getting on with their own workouts.

1. Choose Your Gym With Care

All gyms vary slightly, and it is important that your gym environment is correctly matched to you. Do a little detective work by asking friends and work colleagues which gyms they recommend or are members of before you take the plunge. This way, you can match the gym to your personality and start off on your path to improved health and fitness on the right foot.

2. Don’t Go The Gym Alone

It’s perfectly natural to feel a little apprehensive when embarking on a new venture - and joining a gym is no different. To boost your confidence levels, try joining with a friend or family member, so that you’re not starting out on your own. By doing this you will have initial and ongoing support - which is certain to make the whole induction process much less intimidating. Your friend or family member can then become your training partner, which will not only be supportive but will also help you to maintain your motivation.

3. Get A Proper Gym Induction

All good gyms will have a thorough induction process which - as well as checking your health and fitness levels - is designed to put you at ease so that you feel more confident in the new environment. 

To help your transition from gym novice to gym regular, the gym staff will ask you to complete a health and fitness questionnaire (a basic form that checks on any medical conditions and your exercise history); assess your current level of fitness so that you can start exercising at the correct level; and give you a hands-on tour of all the equipment in the gym, so that you know how each piece of equipment works and how to operate it correctly.

4. Appropriate Training Programme

It is important to exercise correctly whenever you train - especially when you first begin, as this way you don’t pick up bad habits for the future. To do this, get your gym instructor to provide you with an appropriate training program for your level of fitness and your specific goals. This way you won’t get injured by doing too much, and will gain benefits to your fitness in the areas you’ve specified. For example, if you plan to run in a race, then an instructor can shape your program so that you focus on improving your running fitness.

5. Get A Personal Trainer

Once you have started training and been to the gym a few times, if you feel that you either need more support for your training or you want to ensure that you get the absolute best from your workout time, then try getting a personal trainer. A personal trainer will plan all your training and accompany you throughout your exercise sessions, during which he or she will help, coach, explain, guide, motivate and ensure that you always exercise correctly.

So, now you know a few tips on how to feel confident in the gym. But what about your gym gear? Well why not check out our collection here.

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