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How to Keep Moving During COVID-19

How to Keep Moving During COVID-19

Across the world, individuals and families are limiting their time in public and communal places; our daily lives of work, school and socialization look different than they did only a few weeks ago. During this time, ACE encourages all people to keep moving – whether that’s at home, with your family or in a safe place outside. In fact, the CDC recommends adults participate in at least 150 minutes a week of cumulative moderate or vigorous physical activity!  

Daily movement can increase your endorphins, allow for some fresh air and decrease your stress levels by moving. Here are some pro tips: 

  • Partner upGrab your partner, spouse, or another family member and take over the living room or back yard with some great music and some body weight exercises. 
  • Keep it social. Set up a video workout with a friend or family member, far away or next door 
  • Start a new habit. If you are just starting out, break up your workouts into multiple 10-15-minute sessions each day. 
  • Have fun! Laugh, dance, enjoy. Everyone is good at movement, so take your time to enjoy doing it. 
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