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What are some advantages of cable machines?

Cable machines are not very popular as of right now, contrary to the benefits they offer. They are classic workout equipment; they might not be very popular but now but for sure they are trainers’ favorite machines. This is not just a coincidence, in fact, it is because of the number of benefits they have to offer. You might have seen them at your gym, the ones with slack weight connected with a cable through pulleys. 

Cable machines move only in one direction that makes your movements controlled and more accurate. Weight and fitness training are what these machines are mostly used for focusing one muscle at a time. Because the movements are controlled cable machines are great for newbies. There are many reasons to include cable machine workout in your daily workout routine, some of them are mentioned below.


First and foremost, because you are standing as opposed to seated, cable machines activate your core muscles – abs, lower back, hips and obliques in order to allow you to isolate the targeted muscle that you are working.  A concrete example would be a standing cable back row – in addition to working the upper back muscles, other muscle groups are engaged including the low back muscles, abdominals, buttocks, thighs and calves! Working more muscles at one time translates to a greater challenge and better results! Seated gym machines support you and isolate your muscle for you in order to maintain your position, meaning it is less of a challenge for you.


Training on a cable-based machine provides you with a more functional form of exercise since the movement patterns are more akin to real life movements – lunging, squatting, pushing, pulling, bending and twisting.  Your movements are not constrained by a machine.  Typically, your legs are trained from a standing position, therefore mimicking actions such as standing from a seated position, climbing stairs, walking, balancing on one leg.  Training on these cable machines will greatly improve your balance.

Constant Tension

Cable machines provide constant tension while you lift and lower the weight. Since muscle growth and strength increases are directly based on how much tension is placed on the muscle during the exercise, cable machines fatigue muscles faster and result in greater strength gains.


As you become more proficient in the use of cable machines, you discover the multitude of exercises that can be done at a single machine, allowing you to quickly switch between various exercises, as well as work upper and lower body simultaneously.

According to a certified trainer, we should try to involve more cable machine workout in our routine. For every body type and different goals, these machines have the workout you want. Feel it while you are working on it. If your muscles are not pumped right there might be something wrong. Stop, adjust your position, see if the grips and weight are right, and ask for help if you could not figure it out. There is always a chance or error. But now that you know the benefits of cable machines you also need the workout outfit to go with that knowledge. Find out more when you check out our collection here.

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