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Your TWS CUSTOMISE THIS!! Is your very own feature platform filled with the latest trends and styles for you to customise and make your own. 

How many times to see an item of clothing that you desire but often think, "I really don't like where the logo is"  -  "That logo is little bit too big and id prefer it a bit smaller" - "Id prefer the logo in a different colour"?

Well, that's why The White Shark have decided to put the fate of your garments into your hands.

HOW DO I CUSTOMISE MY ITEMS?  Easy! Just simply follow these instructions below and you will get to chat with one of our Creative Designers who will help inspire and bring your ideas to life.

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  • Email -
  • Please state your name and order number.

    One of The White Shark team will be in touch with more details.

    Thanks for choosing TWS. We look forward to bringing your ideas to life.

    The Creative Design Team.

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